About Tagonce

Why each bag deserves a Tagonce luggage tag?

Daily, 90,000 pieces of luggage are lost at airports worldwide. The chance that you lose your bag or suitcase with your valuable items in it while traveling is significant! Tagonce is the solution that lets you not only locate your lost luggage and stuff, but also recovers it. That’s why every bag deserves a Tagonce baggage tag! With this baggage tag, every bag can be found.

Our Mission

If you’ve lost a bag, a suitcase or something else, then you know the paralyzing sense of panic. You can beat yourself. Why did you let distract you by …

It does not matter anymore. All you want is your stuff coming back to you.

At Tagonce we want you to breathe back as fast as possible. Your stuff is safe, somebody has found them. And you tell the finder how to get them back.

Finding your precious stuff is one. Getting them back two. That’s Tagonce. Go to our shop and buy your tag.

Make sure your luggage can be found

Make sure your backpack, suitcase, bag or wallet can come back to you. Buy a Tagonce label and confirm this to your valuable items. Get back what you love.

About TagOnce

Tagonce was founded by Brian Høj Andersen in 2015. He has run a successful Kickstarter campaign. After that, Niels Olde Heuvel has reached out to him and has introduced this innovative concept in the Netherlands. Together with the Tagonce team we are working on a successful introduction in the Netherlands.

They rely on TagOnce

In advance, I did not know if a fair finder would bring back my lost items. Until I lost my sports bag a month ago. A few hours later, via the Tagonce app, I received a message where it was found and a message to contact the finder. Thanks to Tagonce, I quickly got my sports bag back.
Belma Korjenic – 26

Last summer, I lost my suitcase at the airport in Portugal. Since then, I know how important a luggage tag is. The Tagonce travel labels are easy to use. In the free app, I can easily manage my privacy settings.
Jan Nijland – 51

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Which one is your favorite?

In our webshop you will find an overview of all our tags, credit cards and keychains. Buy your Tagonce label today!

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Benefits of Tagonce

 Trace your suitcase as soon as the label is scanned
 Protects your privacy
 Adjust your data anytime, anywhere
 Free tag & trace service
 No more writing
 Works always, no battery is needed
 Is sturdy and weatherproof
 No monthly fees, lifetime free lost & found service