General questions

I can't log in

You can’t log in to the TagOnce Pro app? Have you already created a free account in the TagOnce Pro app? Your account from our website tagonce.shop is not linked to the TagOnce Pro app. You will therefore have to create a free account in the app.

The password must meet the following requirements:

  • Min. 1 capital letter
  • Min. 1 special character (! @ # $% ^ & *)
  • Min. 1 figure (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)
  • Min. 8 characters long
TagOnce Pro app - the right app! (Important)

We have recently launched the new TagOnce Pro app. This is the app that you must have and can use for free.

It is true that there are two apps in the Google Play Store & Apple Store: the Tagonce app and the TagOnce Pro app. So you need the TagOnce Pro app!

What is Tagonce?

Tagonce is a smart solution to get your lost stuff back to you. Without third party intervention and respect for your privacy.

What does Tagonce cost?

To use all the functionality of Tagonce, you have to purchase once a tag for € 9.95. That’s all. There are no further costs associated with using Tagonce.

Can anyone see where I am?

No, nobody can see where you are!

Are there any costs associated with the app?

No, the app is completely free and is free to use. In order to make use of all functionalities, you just need a tag from our Shop.

Do I need a subscription for my account?

No! At the moment you bought a tag, you can use all of our services immediately and without further charge.

Does the tag contain personal information?

This is entirely in line with your own settings, the finder will only see the info you release. You can change the information at any time and completely disable from any location, so no data is displayed at all! The finder can leave a message at all times, this message will be sent to you through a push message in the app and in your mail.

Track & Trace works much better?

“If someone flies to New York and then looks on his app and sees that his suitcase is still somewhere on Schiphol, this person gets very angry! If he then asks someone from the ground staff to contact Schiphol, he is most likely kindly requested to have patience or perhaps laughed at his back! “

Tagonce solves this problem for you! In our view, when lost luggage is concerned, the finder and owner will contact 1op1 as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the intermediary of third parties, so that no noise can arise!

What does Track & Trace cost compared to Tagonce?

Well-functioning track & trace hardware costs between € 60.00 and € 150.00. In addition, you must subscribe before you can use the service and there is a chance that the batteries will be just empty if you want to use your device!

Our tags cost € 9.95 and work anytime and anywhere without battery!

There are also Bluetooth solutions?

True, this is fun for home, garden and kitchen use if you can not find something that you’re sure is somewhere nearby. In case you really lose something, a bluetooth solution will unfortunately not help you, as it only has an indoor range of 10 to max 20 meters and an outdoor range of 30 to 60 meters.

Have you lost your luggage within 60 meters?

How can I create a trip? And what's the advantage?

In the Dashboard of the TagOnce Pro app you can create a new trip by clicking on “New trip”. For now, we only have an integration with Schiphol, which means flights from Schiphol are automatically recognized.

You can also enter your hotel. Is your hotel not listed? No problem! Enter the name of your hotel yourself.

The advantage of entering your travel data is that your current travel data is now also available for viewing, if you have released it in the settings menu.

Technical questions

How does Tag & Trace works?

As soon as your tag is scanned, it is traceable and you get the exact location of your luggage through a push alert in your Tagonce app.

Which phones does Tagonce work on?

On all Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

Does the tag work on a battery?

No, our tags do not contain batteries, so do not get lost and always work!

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode with an encrypted link / message.

Es hat aber doch nicht jeder einen QR-Code-Scanner auf seinem Smartphone?

Stimmt, aber das ist eine Frage der Zeit. Außerdem ist in unseren Tags auch ein NFC-Chip integriert. Auslesen kann man den QR-Code mit jedem beliebigen Scanner; man braucht also die App nicht herunterzuladen.

Not everyone has a QR code scanner on his cellphone?

True, that’s a matter of time and there’s also an NFC chip incorporated in our tags! The QR code can be read with any scanner, so you do not have to download our app.

Should the finder also have the Tagonce app installed?

No, our tags can be read with any QR code & NFC scanner, so you do not need to download our app first.

What is a NFC tag?

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’, it’s a wireless technology to easily exchange data between two devices when they are close to each other.

Does NFC work on any phone?

No, unfortunately not yet. Most Android phones are provided with NFC technology. Apple has already built the NFC technology, but this technology has not yet been released for external applications. For the moment, Apple’s NFC technology only works with Apple Pay. This is just a matter of time!

Google Maps displays an incorrectly location in the app

This can happen a single time since Tagonce is dependent on multiple parties; Google, mobile phone manufacturer and its provider, however, it has been found that Tagonce can guarantee a right 94.6% location rate.

Showing the location is a fantastic additional feature, however Tagonce stands for; Quickly and efficiently contacting the finder and owner by direct 1 on 1 communication!

I want to scan my tag but I get a black screen

If you want to scan a tag, you can choose the scan QR code option. If you choose this option and you get a black screen, then you probably have not given your smartphone or tablet permission to use to the camera of the device. 

You can change this by going to the settings of your smartphone or tablet and search for the TagOnce Pro app. There you can then give the app access to your camera, after which you can scan the QR code.