These terms and conditions (hereinafter the ”Terms and Conditions”) apply to all agreements entered into with TagOne.nl (hereinafter ”Tagonce”). These Terms and Conditions shall be considered an integral part of all agreements entered into with Tagonce. By purchasing products from Tagonce you accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as a customer. Any term or condition that deviates from these Terms and Conditions will be invalid unless otherwise agreed to by Tagonce in writing.

Product Information

Information about the attributes, characteristics and prices of the products can be found on Tagonce’s website. For further information or questions, inquiries can be directed to Tagonce at info@tagonce.nl.

Placing an order

When ordering a product from Tagonce, you will receive an order confirmation, wherein the purchase is approved. Orders of any kind are not binding for Tagonce before the order confirmation has been sent by Tagonce.


All prices are daily prices and are only valid on the date of purchase. All prices include the at any time applicable VAT rate (currently 21%). Tagonce shall be legally bound by typing errors or changes in price of any kind.

Payment information

Tagonce offers several different payment methods. Tagonce accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. All transactions are SLL encrypted which ensures a secure data transmission for our customers. Payment will be completed when you as costumer carry out the purchase.


The normal delivery time when ordering products from Tagonce is 1-5 weekdays unless otherwise specified or informed by Tagonce. This does not include made-to-order products and products that are out of stock. Longer shipping times may occur. Tagonce reserves the right to ship an order in one or more shipments. The product shall be considered as delivered when the product has come into the customer’s possession whereby the risk of the products accidental destruction passes to the customer. Tagonce is not liable for delays. In case of an unexpected delay or loss of the product, contact Tagonce at info@tagonce.nl or phone no. +31 53 4322 411.

Right of cancellation

As a customer you will always have a 60 day right of cancellation should you regret your purchase from Tagonce. If you wish to exercise this right of cancellation notice must be given to Tagonce within 60 days after receiving the product. You can inform Tagonce that you wish to exercise your right of cancellation. Such notice shall be sent to info@tagonce.nl or by mail to TagOnce.nl, Gronausestraat 9, 7533 BV Enschede, Netherlands. If you exercise your right of cancellation in due time the delivered product shall be returned to Tagonce no later than 14 days after your notice of cancellation was given to Tagonce. The customer must carry all expenses involved with returning the delivered product. The purchase sum will be credited to your account within 14 days of the date of your cancellation. Tagonce can withhold the purchase sum until the product is received or documentation has been provided to show that the product has been returned. Tagonce is not obligated to accept the returned product if the deadline mentioned is not met. The product shall be shipped in proper packaging and in the same condition as when you received it. You are liable for any decrease in value as a result of handling of the product other than what is necessary to determine the type, attributes and function of the product. If you have given notice of cancellation, you are requested to enclose with the return package a copy of your invoice, in order for Tagonce to identify you as the customer and credit the purchase sum to your account. Products returned by additional claim will not be accepted. We recommend that you ship the product as a package with Track & Trace, which allows tracking of the package in the event that it is lost during shipping. When returning the product, please address it to: TagOnce.nl, Gronausestraat 9, 7533 BV Enschede, Netherlands.

Right due to default

Should you receive a product that has a defect or does not conform to your order, and should you wish to make a claim towards Tagonce, you must give notice of such default within reasonable time and no later than 2 months after you have discovered or should have discovered the defect. Tagonce provides you with 2 years’ right due to default to you as costumer. This right provides you with a right of reparation, replacement, reduction in price or return of payment depending on the situation. This right due to default applies provided that the notice of defect is right and that the default is note caused by errors, damages or tear directly or indirectly caused by wrongful use, lack of maintenance or other wrongful behaviour from the costumer. You wish to exercise this right due to default notice hereof and the default product must be sent to sent to info@tagonce.nl and by mail toTagOnce.nl, Gronausestraat 9, 7533 BV Enschede, Netherlands. By such notice we ask that you provide Tagonce with the invoice for the product and if asked by Tagonce provide documentation of the default. If the notice of default is right Tagonce will reimburse that the reasonable costs held by you as costumer in connection with the return of the default product.

Limitation of liablility

Except from the right of cancellation and the right due to default Tagonce takes no responsibility for the delivered products. Tagonce is solely responsible for damages to the delivered product or caused by the delivered product if it is proven beyond doubt that this damage was caused due to neglect or wrongful behaviour from Tagonce. Tagonce is not liable for damages directly or indirectly caused by a third party. Tagonce is not liable for any links, and its content, to other websites on Tagonce’s website that are under no control of Tagonce.

Retention of title

The title (ownership) to the products delivered by Tagonce according ti the order confirmation does not pass to the purchasing costumer until Tagonce has received payment in full for the delivered product(s) incl. reimbursement of extra expenses held by Tagonce.

Force Majeure

Tagonce is not liable for any breach or delayed fulfilment of agreements in the event that such breach or delay directly or indirectly is caused by force majeure, including but not limited to war, riots, civil disturbance of peace, interventions by public authorities, strikes, louckouts, import and/or export bans, general lack of manpower or any other reason out of the control of Tagonce which could prevent or delay Tagonce’s fulfilment of the agreement. In such event the delivery date is postponed with the number of days equivalent to the duration of the cause which delivery time shall be deemed timely.

Assignment of rights

Tagonce may assign all rights and obligation under any agreement to a third party.

Applicable law and venue

Any dispute between the parties, including disputes regarding the existence of an agreement or the construing of the Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the ordinary Dutch courts in the Netherlands and shall be governed the Dutch law.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

Tagonce reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions if deemed necessary by Tagonce. The updated version of the terms and conditions are at all times available on tagonce.shop.

Intellectual property rights

All contents and material on the website of Tagonce (tagonce.shop) is protected and owned by Tagonce. It is not allowed to link to, copy or in other ways use the contents on the website or parts hereof with clear written acceptance hereof from Tagonce. Tagonce reserves the right to take initiate any legal action deemed necessary by Tagonce in this regard.


This version of the terms and conditions replaces all prior versions hereof.